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  • Dragon Care Dragon Care 16153 plays It`s your first day of magical pet grooming. Your job is to visit magical pets and groom them to keep them healthy and clean. Today we`ll be taking care of the most amazing creature of all, a dragon
  • Dragon Dragon 15260 plays Save the princes from the vicious dragon.
  • HT83 Dragon Hunter game HT83 Dragon Hunter game 14678 plays join us to participate in this exciting journey.
  • Dragonball Z Dress Up Dragonball Z Dress Up 14349 plays Dress up Goku of Dragonball Z.
  • A Dragon Story 1 A Dragon Story 1 14076 plays Build your own dragon in this free online dragon maker game from ADragonGame.com. Make your own dragon and choose from tons of different colors and visual styles. Join the community at A Dragon Game.com and play other fun free dragon creator games and meet new friends today!
  • Gordy's Lunch Gordy's Lunch 13789 plays A newly born baby dragon eats fireflies by jumping. Feeding himself Gordy gradually masters his ability to spit fire. Beware the nasty knight, whose primary goal is to kill our baby dragon.
  • Mardek Mardek 13507 plays The princess has been held hostage by the dragon at the castle. As two of the bravest men left, you must save her using your physical and magical powers from the dragon before its too late
  • Dragon Battle Coloring Dragon Battle Coloring 12970 plays Why can't these dragons just get along? Maybe if you color them just right, they'll kiss and make up.
  • Dragon Rider Dragon Rider 12808 plays Ride your dragon in the great shoot'em up game 'Dragon Rider', collect coins and stuff, change the weapons and use them to kill enemies and big bosses.
  • Ben 10 Dragon Blaze Ben 10 Dragon Blaze 12490 plays Fly your dragon and destroy the incoming enemies and bosses, and help Ben 10 to clear all the levels and unlock other dragons and new levels. Have Fun!
  • How To Raise A Dragon How To Raise A Dragon 12263 plays Raise your dragon by eating, then help villagers and knights or just gobble them up.
  • World Cup Rescue World Cup Rescue 11637 plays The almighty Zeus has kidnapped the cup from the world soccer championship. Pass all the tests to rescue it. Choose Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to live this adventure.
  • Wind Rider Grand Prix Wind Rider Grand Prix 10858 plays Race on wind vehicles slide to evade obstacles.
  • Fire Spawn Fire Spawn 10741 plays Play as an undefeatable knight and face a fierce dragon in the battle!
  • Golden Dragon Find the Numbers Golden Dragon Find the Numbers 10446 plays Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the numbers. Hidden Numbers is a game made for kids but is fun for everyone.
  • Bubble Dragon Ball Bubble Dragon Ball 9450 plays Dragon Ball Blow bubbles in the shortest time possible. You must align bubbles to remove Dragon Ball, whenever three or more bubbles join
  • Azure Dragon Find Numbers Azure Dragon Find Numbers 8997 plays Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the numbers. Hidden Numbers is a game made for kids but is fun for everyone.
  • Sort My Tiles Dragon Ball Z Sort My Tiles Dragon Ball Z 8929 plays Sort the tiles to get Goku in Dragon Ball Z puzzle.
  • King Defender King Defender 8673 plays The enemy's coming, and there's nowhere for the royal family to hide.Mouse over the borders of the screen to scroll through the landscape. Click and drag building blocks from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to create a stable castle that will protect the royal family members from the incoming siege. Once your castle is built, click "Start Siege" to see how it holds up!
  • Drago War Drago War 8533 plays In 400 B.C., Himoshu the kingdom of The Golden Dragon was occupied by the evil dragons, the Red Dragon and Black Dragon. The Golden dragon, having lost all his soldiers in the last battle, is now ready to invade and defeat the evil Dragons to reclaim his kingdom. You can guide the Golden Dragon to its victory.
  • Legendary Fight Legendary Fight 8490 plays Here is a legendary creature, which is trying to destroy its enemies in the middle of floating steps.Beware of these floating steps,because it's a shaky structure and does not allow you to stand for a longer time. Try to keep up your health while destroying the enemies, and do not lose your life.
  • Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version 8413 plays Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to defend your planet
  • Ice Dragon Tiles Puzzle Ice Dragon Tiles Puzzle 8213 plays Sort the tiles and complete the puzzles piece of these very Action Fire Dragon.Tiles will come randomly in right side boxes
  • Mushus Rocket Rush Mushus Rocket Rush 8102 plays What do say a journey on Disney Land? Try to throw the dragon as far as you can.
  • Dragon Runner Dragon Runner 7813 plays Can you make a run to the dark castle and free the captured beautiful princess? The road to the castle is full of great danger. Even the mighty evil dragon lord himself, is hunting you!
  • The Enigma Cave The Enigma Cave 7806 plays Cave Jumping can be very dangerous, but that doesn't deter CaveFran! Reach epic heights, dodge terrible monsters, and compete against your friends in this fun interactive lovable game, that you can't help but play again and again.
  • Gold Dragon Gold Dragon 7671 plays This is a top down retro arcade game with fun twists! Keep the dragon alive at all costs. Play as a fire breathing dragon in search of gold and eggs.

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